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50 Email Subject Lines THAT Get Better Open Rates and Build Curiosity!

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This Word document is excellent for those who need better subject lines for their email campaigns. In your document, you will find the following:

  • 50 Subject Lines: The subject lines inside this document have been tested thoroughly. They build intrigue and offer powerful reasons for your subscribers to open your emails.
  • 50 Emojis: Studies have shown that having one emoji in a subject line will help your emails stand out and work better when leaving your readers with a reason to open your emails.
  • Customization: The subject lines you receive will include spaces for your recipient's first name. Using this wisely can increase your open rates.

What are the benefits of these email templates? Here are the top ones:

  • Nurture Your Leads 24/7: Think of these emails as a salesperson around the clock. Your subscribers will automatically enter a 10-journey email campaign that builds your brand and a rapport with new leads. So even if new subscribers join on a Saturday at 2 am, these emails can be set as an automated campaign that welcomes them then.
  • Save Your Time: These templates give you everything you need to start a 10-day journey campaign—no need to spend the time, money and effort writing out each email yourself.
  • Fully Customizable: The templates are delivered in a Word format. This means you can customize them as you see fit.
  • Content That Performs: The subject lines are written with performance in mind. This means the subject lines invite your subscribers to open your emails, read the body, and take action.
  • Compatibility Across Devices: These emails are compatible across multiple devices, such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Is any editing required?

  • Yes, some editing is still required. You will find some templates that promote value-driven content, such as blog posts, Instagram reels, etc. These emails can be linked to the appropriate sites, either one you own or another place altogether.

What about support?

  • Everyone who purchases these emails is invited to join our Facebook group. Any questions you have about the product will be answered by one of our admins. Plus, share more hacks, updates and tips in the group.


You will get a DOCX (540KB) file